Tender Life is faith-based, non-profit 501(c)(3)organization that provides homeless, pregnant women with safe shelter and a comprehensive program of change. Our goal is to empower the powerless, instill dignity where there was shame and provide tools for a better life.  The Tender Life program includes pre-natal healthcare, career guidance, tutoring, counseling and spiritual growth opportunities.

Tender Life began in 1985 to provide a safe and caring environment for homeless pregnant women in need. Since then, Tender Life has served over 1000 women. Some of Tender Life's first born babies have graduated from college, found their careers and are living productive, fulfilling livesAlthough Tender Life is located in Ventura County, referrals from Los Angeles County and across the country are welcomed. Tender Life addresses the complex needs of at-risk, homeless pregnant women, many of whom have had substance abuse and domestic violence issues. Tender Life purchased the first Maternity Home facility in 1985. This home houses up to 8 women and is complete with house rules, 24 hour staff accountability, program management and an array of services and resources. Once the baby is 3 months old the mother is eligible for up to a 2-year stay in one of Tender Life's 2 Transition Homes.


Tender Life is devoted to serving homeless, pregnant women and their children. We provide food shelter and personal growth opportunities in an environment where "Mercy Triumphs over Judgment".